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we are tracking yet another storm about to blow into the bay area. that as people are still cleaning up big messes left from heavy winds and rains over the weekend. we look at the latest forecast details and show you some of the scenes of destruction people are dealing with. >> another storm going to roll in tomorrow but the clouds for that storm are already starting. >> brushing up against the coast line. but no rain so far. storm tracker radar, storms died down. as you can see the high clouds, starting to push to the coast line. there is a look that storm,
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center of it, all the clouds thereassociated with that storm continue to pushes to the bay area and rain starts tomorrow afternoon. right now temperatures are not too cool out there. with the clouds it will halt the cooling. we will see a few degrees as cooling. we probably won't see 30s but low 40s overnight. tomorrow, high clouds moving in and by noon clouding up. 4:00, rain and wind starts, possibly thunderstorms as well. we were under a thunderstorm outlook by the national weather service. in santa cruz 25 homes remain cut off after a land sidelined. there was no immediate hazard but the only access roads
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remains impassable. near scotts valley, details expected tomorrow. all homeowners were contacted and they have agreed to stay put. thorn dale drive remains closed as engineers assess the damage from mud slides there. rock and mud on to the road, leaving it impassable. residents have seen small slides before but nothing like this. once it is safe the clean up can begin. boat owners in tiburon are told to remove their boats from the shore. after high winds and tides caused the boats to break free. early sunday 10 sail boats and two motor boats were set adrift in richardson bay. owners must push their boats
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back into the watero r or get them on to a trailer. the reservoir continues continues to overflow after revving rain over the weekend. officials say they expect the spillover to continue throughout the week. after the storm it was 97% capacity. water is being diverted into a creek. some of the excess water will become ground water but most will be wasted till it flows into the bay. and this footage of a funnel cloud today in maxwell. ad storm passed through the area. officials immediately issued a tornado warning. according to the national weather service trained weather spotters reported the funnel cloud traveling at 15 miles per hour. no damages and injuries reported there. for more weather photographs, videos and the
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latest forecast details be sure to log on to our website at new tonight at 11:00. another san francisco church is the victim of burglars. there have been a series of break ins over the last four months. the most recent happened this morning at lake side church. and as kron 4's reggie kumar tells us, cameras caught the crooks in the act. >> this is a man san francisco church officials believed smashed through this window. the pastor says the burglar busted through six office doors and rand sacked every room. the are four cameras in the church and they are located in obvious places. lick this one outside. captured the man walking through the playground where he broke this window. in this next video you can see
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him drinking a soda. with a camera recording every move. they keep their offerings in this large safe. there is no way he could have broken the safe open. >> we keep it in a large safe and there is no way to move that safe. he might have been looking for the offerings, but, you know, it's not accessible for anyone. he was out for cash to look for quick cash. >> we have a large preschool here, we are taking every precaution to make it safe. the man also took a canof sausages where food for the homeless is kept. a keyboard and camera are both missing and says the man caused about $10,000 in damages. the pastor is concerned that this happened to four other churches over the last few
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months. san francisco police say they don't know if it's the same person commitmenting the crime. >> we plan to post this picture of this man so people can be alert. >> reporter: reggie kumar, . oakland police officers are remembering four of their own tonight. officers who were kill in the line of a duty two years ago today. those officers died at the hands of a convicted felon in one of the worst attacks on police california has ever seen. he shot and killed two officers and then killed two more officers when they came to arrest him and a gun battled that also claimed his life. tonight the owners of a police hang out built a memorial for the policeman and kron 4's jonathan bloom was there. >> it's been a tough day for
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everybody. a happy day. >> because it's a day to honor four friends. tough because they are no longer here. >> the motorcycle officer is a tough job to begin with but what happened to them, we will never ever forget. >> reporter: the motorcycle officers both in their early 40s when they were shot and killed. a helmet accompanies their picture. a favorite hang out for oakland police. the two s.w.a.t. sergeant who died later that die. >> air age being as young as they were was not acceptable and we will never forget. >> reporter: a candle burns in front of each picture with a shot of whiskey. >> that was his drink and we
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all shared it more than once. >> mike owns the restaurant where the officers spent much of their time. some call it the cheer's of the west. >> you can tell by the crowd here, we are here to celebrate their lives. they gave their lives for the city of oakland. >> reporter: employees and patrons paid tribute to the men who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> they were heroes. they did what -- they did their job and i am sure they had no regrets and they were our friends. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. jury selection is complete for the federal perjury trial of barry bonds. 12 jurors and two alternates were selected after a day of questions from the defense and the prosecution. barry bonds is accused of lying
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when he told a grand jury he never knowingly took steroids. he face as total of four counts of making false statements and one count of obstructing just as. jury selection is underway for two men in the murder of chauncey bailey. your black muslim bakery leader yusef bey order the killing. antoine mackey is accused of driving the yet away van. he was investigating the backry for a news story when he was gunned down. >> forces are bombarding libya. targeting the air defenses and forces of moammar gadhafi. a look at how the strikes are carried out and how long they will last when kron 4 news returns.
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tonight's headlines,
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japanese police say more than 9,000 people were killed in the earthquake and tsunami. 12,600 are still missing. the nuclear reactor cores have partially melted. the crews are still trying to restore power to the system. conditions there are still volatile. the epa says mincule amounts of radiation reached the bay area but there is no health risk. the radiation is dissipating by the time it reaches california. they have a network of censors that monitors radiation levels every hour. jerry brown released a youtube video about the budget deficit. he urges the public to ask lawmakers to decide on sales taxes. more news, plus weather after the break.
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tonight, the british parliament is pushing for arm forces to -- to protect all citizens there by any means necessary. u.s. officials say the international effort to enforce a no-fly zone has been a success after a third day of bombing and the u.s. may soon reduce its role. 80 air strikes today compared to 60 on sunday. >> reporter: fire is pour into the air as jets tried to cripple moammar gadhafi's military. so far all attackers returned safely. these eric are reormed for a new mission. they targeted these areas. outside ben zazi you can see
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the -- benghazi, you can see the results. rebel forces celebrate on top of a tank after being driven back by moammar gadhafi's army they are ready to resumed their march. in tripoli there are also victory signs from moammar gadhafi supporters. showing a fish crashing an american jet. the government says they are offering themselves as human shields to protect their leader. >> we are waiting for them. their grave is ready here. the u.s. commander says u.s. involvement will decrease as more targets are destroyed. after a weekend of wild weather more rain is on the way. the clouds band pushing towards the coast.
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we have flooding concerns throughout the bay area. this will be extended, this is a flood watch for the central valley. we have two storms this week. one tomorrow afternoon into wednesday and together one thursday bringing heavy rain. we have seen so much rain the ground is really saturated. there is a potential of flooding in low lying areas and special of mud and rock slides. main band of rain pushing in around 4:00. by 7:00, showers continue, also with pockets of heavy rain and rain through the 10:00 hour as well. mainly through the north bay and also through the mountains. in to midnight, over the delta, heavy rain. but the showers start to
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diminish. we will still see showers wednesday but they will be more scattered and taper off. rainfall totals, impressive. this is a quick moving storm. up to an inch in the north bay. 3/4 in the central beige. in the mountains, 2 inches of rain tomorrow into wednesday. inch in the east bay and half inch in the south bay. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. we will warm up with the sun breaks early but as soon as the clouds roll in and the storm approaches we will see cooler temperatures. we are not going to stay this warm very long into tomorrow, mainly in the 50s. one storm, two storms, pack as punch again. very gusty winds tomorrow. thunderstorm outlook from the national weather service.
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a flight break on wednesday. more heavy rain on thursday. thunderstorm's storm could be stronger than tuesday. stay tuned for any flooding details. the warriors travel to san antonio to take on the nba champion spurs spurs and the stanford wimpen's basketball team go for the win. as they look to go back to the sweet sixteen. gary is next. he has all the sports. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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all right. good evening, everybody. stanford women, two down at the ncaa tournament. the seniors going for their 63 straight win. they never lost at home in their career. mckenna has st. st. johns up 22- 14 but that doesn't stay. stanford too talented, second ranked in america and they go to work big time.
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they roll tonight for their 63 straight win at maple pavilion. they have never lost, this senior class at home. peterson had stanford up by 20. final 75-49. next stop, round three, they play north carolina saturday in spokane. cal in the nit tournament eliminated by colorado. the warriors, man, they have not beaten san antonio in san antonio since 1987. valentine's day 1987. 15 points. ellis and curry combined for 18. forget about it. here is the story, tim duncan sprained his ankle in the 1st quarter. x-rays are negative. there is tony parker.
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15 assists. ginobili did his thing. warriors started out bad. 111-96. barry bonds jury selected. five hours hours of questioning. prosecutors agreed on 12 jurors, two alternates. the jury includes four men, eight women and two alternates. expected to testify tomorrow kimberley bell, the 9 year mistress of barry bonds. logan says his lower body injury that knocked him out of a game is not as serious as it originally appeared. he hurt his right leg, helped off the ice, but he is the shark's second leading scorerrer. he is okay. so say the sharks. when he coached in the nfl he
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used to leave tickets for elvis. jerry. always wore black. funny when atlanta was winning. then when they started losing he was nuts and bounced around since then. he is going to be a coach in the united football league, he will coach a team in hartford. remember paul was in here? >> absolutely. >> california redwoods. >> exactly and they moved to sacramento. one year and gone. dennis green coaches that team and he is going to coach that team. let's end with this great story. army captain ivan castro blinded by serving in iraq, finishes his 7th marathon in north carolina.
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this benefited injured service members. among them, his running partner helps him navigate the course. >> that is a good storty. okay. good night, everyone. see you tomorrow. ♪ escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪
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